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Livery & Loaning

All you need to know about schooling livery, working livery, short term stabling, loaning a pony. If we haven't answered your questions below, please email or call to see if we can help you.

Horse owners are invited to keep their horses at the yard on a schooling or working livery basis. It is also possible to bring horses for a short stay while you are on holiday, or for overnight stabling when attending local horse shows. For those who do not have their own horses, Valley Farm operates a loan scheme. (see BAITING below

If you are looking for a home for your horse while you are away at university for example, or you require a long term home for a horse that you may have out grown, but do not wish to sell to an unknown future we may be able to help you.  We are able to accommodate a limited number of donated horses. Please call Sarah to discuss the options if you feel this could be a helpful solution for you.

Yard Facilities

For security the yard is gated and covered by CCTV. The tack room is alarmed. The owner lives on the property.  All stables are fitted with electric lighting, automatic water drinkers and kick bolts on the doors. We have around 80 acres of grazing, fenced with electric fencing, and automatic water drinkers. The following facilities are available for use by livery owners: Restaurant. Vending machines. Toilets. Indoor Schools. Jumps. Outdoor schools and paddocks. Three miles of farm tracks.

Livery owners are welcome to join lessons in the riding school, enter our competitions and make use of the other facilities.

Working Livery
Ideal for owners who do not have time to exercise their horse every day. We take responsibility for the full care, feeding, bedding etc of your horse so no need to worry if you can't get here every day. The horse must have tack provided and be available to be ridden by members of staff and clients at certain hours during the week and at weekends. If a horse is not suitable to be ridden by clients, eg. too young, too unpredictable, lame, it may be offered a place in Full Livery.  


All horses must have third party cover. Any tack left on the premises must be insured by the owner.

Royals Club

If you own your own pony or horse you can join the Royals livery yard. Enjoy the club atmosphere and activities organised for them.

If you don't own your own pony you can bait/loan one from Valley farm, we have a range of horses suitable for all standards of rider.

Baiting (Loaning a Pony)

Always wanted your own horse or pony? Do you live within easy reach of Valley Farm? Then our loan system might be for you.

We have some horses and ponies, which we put out on free loan for 6 months at a time. The 6 month contract can be renewed as often as you like. The baited (loaned) horse, is supplied with tack. The arrangement is the baiter (loan person) will pay vet, farrier and wormer bills etc as if it were their own. If the horse is out of work, another horse will be supplied after the duration of one week.

The condition of the free loan, is that the horse is kept in livery at Valley Farm, on a working livery rate.

Once the horse is on loan, it is taken that the baiters will pay for its livery, during the set period as if it were their own horse, therefore, livery is continued even if the baiter is on holiday or unable to ride on certain days.

The horse may be removed from the premises all day for the purposes of a show etc. with prior notice. The livery is not affected on these days.

The baiter must have full public liability, and take all due care of the horse in their care. The indoor school and paddocks are available for riding, as are the tracks around the farm.

Advantages of Baiting to the Baiter 

    Set livery price during the contract. 
Replacement horse supplied if pony is unable to work.
Company to ride with.
Ride as often as you like. 
Free use of Indoor School, jumps, hack routes etc.
Reduced lesson rate.
Reduced rate for competitions and training days. 
Join in with Stable management lessons for free.
Free membership of Royals Club. 
Staff and first aiders on call whilst riding.
Care of horse whilst baiters are not here.
No problems of having to sell horse when its outgrown.
A great way to try out one of our ponies if you are interested in buying it.
A good way to find out if you have the time for a horse, if you are interested in buying your own, but don't want to make a large financial commitment straight away.

Disadvantages to Baiter

Horse can not be removed to a different livery yard.

Advantages to the horse/pony.

Livery goes some way towards horses keep.
Horse gets extra T.L.C.

Please contact us for details of prices and availability of space if you would like to bring a horse in livery or are interested in baiting.

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