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Disabled Riders

Being with horses, whether it be grooming and handling them, or riding them can be of huge benefit to increase confidence and self esteem for all sorts of people, including those with physical or mental disabilities.   
We welcome adults and children and are able to cater for those with a wide range of disabilities.  
If you think horse riding or horse grooming could be something you would like to try, or you think it might be helpful for a person you care for, please email or call us on 01728 746916 to discuss your individual requirements.
Valley Farm has a range of mounting blocks with room for helpers to assist with mounting our gentle patient horses and ponies.  There is a wide range of tack and equipment available; western saddles, sheepskin saddles, side saddles, vaulting rollers and surcingles etc. Many people with various disabilities have found that this has enabled them to enjoy their riding more than with a conventional saddle.
If you would like to know more about the facilities we offer, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.
Depending on your disability, you may be able to join in with the regular group lessons by using specialist tack or equipment. Or if you prefer one to one tuition, private lessons can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.
We offer 20 minute lead rein sessions where one of our instructors leads/controls the horse/pony while assistants known to the rider can walk along side. These can be in an enclosed indoor arena if required, or many people enjoy trekking around the farm tracks when the weather is nice.
In addition to individuals, Valley Farm works with a number of groups who bring children and adults for therapeutic riding sessions.  If you are a member of a group who might benefit form regular equestrian sessions, let them know about us. We have some groups who come for regular riding lessons, and some who come to spend time grooming the horses, or just for one off visits, to meet the animals, and go on a farm walk.
Some sessions can be funded by local authorities and specific groups such as ACTIVITIES UNLIMITED so ask us if you think you might qualify for funding. 
Our Hippocampe all terrain custom wheelchair is available for those who need it, to enable them to get round the yard more easily.
We have a large surfaced car park.
If riding is not suitable for you, then you may enjoy joining in with one of our grooming sessions. We provide a quiet gentle pony along with brushes, as well as instruction and encouragement, so that children or adults can benefit from the enjoyment of being close to a large animal, while it patiently lets itself be handled, stroked and brushed.
Carriage driving is another way that horse lovers who are unable to ride can get closer to horses.  Private carriage driving lessons can be arranged.  We have several different types of vehicle so you would have a choice if you think you may have difficulty getting in or out. We are also able to arrange excursions for those who do not wish to drive the horse for themselves. 
We have a mechanical equisimulator. This allows participants to experience the feel of horse riding while watching themselves in the mirror and being supported by assistants. 
updated 24/04/2018