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Girl wearing a body protector leading a grey horse

What to wear for horse riding

What to wear for riding

What you should wear for horse riding

Horse Riding Attire


What to Wear for Riding

We recommend that if you do not have the correct riding clothes that you should wear the following: 

  • Sensible shoes or boots with a small heel, and fairly smooth sole, preferably which cover the ankle. Not trainers. 
  • Comfortable strong trousers, which cover the whole leg. Something with some stretch in would be best.  Be careful of thick seams on the inside of some jeans which may rub.
  • Long sleeved clothing on your upper body is advised. You may prefer to wear layers which can be removed as you can get quite warm once you start moving. A cotton shirt or polo shirt is ideal. Low cut or strapless tops are not appropriate.
  • Gloves are a good idea for everyone in cold weather, and also at all times for children or anyone with soft hands who may get sore fingers. 
  • Jewellery is not recommended.
  • A Riding hat conforming to the current safety standards must be worn. A limited selection of Hats are available to borrow from Valley Farm.  Hats and boots are required for those coming on Pony Camp and on School Activity Days.
  • You do need to be dressed for the weather. If wearing a coat you may find you are more comfortable in a short coat so that you don't sit on it. Please ensure that coats or jackets can be fastened shut.
  • Body protectors are recommended for jumping and cross country.
  • Sun block is advised in the summer.

If you decide that you would like to continue riding, we strongly advise that you buy the correct riding wear.  

We also recommend that parents who come onto the yard with their children wear sensible shoes (not flip flops).



We do have some riding boots available to borrow if you do not have suitable footwear.

We are also happy to offer a good home to any riding boots that your children may have outgrown! 
















updated 4/11/2016