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Toddler riding a pony

Toddler riding a pony

Toddler riding a Muffin the Mule

Riding Smokey the donkey

Tiny tots cross country lesson

Tots pony club grooming lesson

Girl hugging her pony

Tiny lots ride out

Tiny tot applying hoof oil to pony 

Young boy patting pony

Tots Pony Club

We offer several options for tiny tots at Valley Farm.  If you would like your child to have a go at riding as a one off for a special treat, or if your child is horse mad and wants to be a future Olympian we have everything you need to get them started.

You could join our tots club, book a birthday party, book a shared private lesson or hack with Mum or Dad, go for a walkout on the leading rein round the farm, or simply bring your family for a visit to meet the animals, and enjoy coffee and cake in our Camargue Café.

Valley Farm Tots Pony Club meets every Saturday and Sunday at 10.00am.  

The children have a 30 minute lead rein riding lesson (led by a parent or older pony club member).

The 30 minute riding is followed by an optional 30 minute Pony Care session.

The 30 minute Pony Care session is a supervised guided learning lesson. During the guided learning time, the children discover all about ponies and work towards their mini achievement badges. (Pony Club membership required to receive mini achievement badges). There are Mini achievement badges in: Points of Tack, Grooming, Points of the Pony, Feed your Pony, Horse Clothing, Care of the Foot, Pony Behaviour, Poisonous Plants, Working Dogs, Farming, Road Sense and Birds. You do not need to attend sessions every week you can come along however often you like. Pre-booking is required.

Wednesday 10.00am Term Time Pony Club  30 minute lead rein riding lesson led by a parent in suitable footwear followed by optional 30 minute Pony Care session as above. Parents are welcome to accompany their children for the guided learning if they wish.  

Overflow class 10.30am Wednesday Term time Don't panic if you have more than one child, and you can't lead them both at the same time. We have an overflow class at 11.30 so you can lead your second child while the first one takes part in the supervised pony care group.

One to one, 30 minute lessons can be arranged, during the week or at weekends. These are suitable for children 2-6 years old. We have miniature horses for the tiny tots and larger horses for the brave!

All the above lessons incorporate tuition in correct handling of the reins, steering, stopping, trotting and lead on to 1 hour lessons. The format of our lessons is fun based educational learning.

One to one, 30 minute walkouts may be a prefered option for children who are not yet ready for formal lessons. A walkout is a less formal way for your child to enjoy being on a horse, and is a great way to develop confidence arround horses, and help establish the balance and vocabulary needed before moving onto lessons.

Rallys During half term's and school holidays we often have Pony Club Rallys where children can spend a whole morning or afternoon with us riding and learning all about ponies. See our events page here for inormation about what is comming up.



Valley Farm has achieved the Suffolk Quality Kitemark. This is a nationally recognised quality assurance scheme. We have been awarded this for our good practice in ensuring that children in our care receive experiences to encourage their individual development through learning and play.  Our instructors are qualified First Aiders and have carried out Child protection courses.

Valley Farm Tots Club aims are:
  • To educate the young incorporating equine activities.
  • To educate parents in equine activities.
  • To work as an introduction to animals.
  • To promote understanding of animals daily needs.
  • To introduce responsibility and awareness.
  • To meet others in a sporting environment.
  • To introduce movement to the young.
  • To use senses eg. touch, smell, hearing, sight.
  • To begin an understanding of others needs.
  • To follow instructions.
  • To work as an introduction to more formal riding sessions at a later date.

We are Ofsted registered.  You may be able to use your Childcare Vouchers here.  Our Ofsted registration number is VC374742

30 minute one to one lead rein lessons for 2-6 year olds  £32.00

30 minute lead rein class Saturdays or Sundays            £22.00

30 minute lead rein class Wednesday Term Times     £22.00

30 minute optional supervised pony care sessions after the Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday class   £6.00  



Your child does not have to be a member of the Pony Club to take part in the above activities, however if they would like to earn their Pony Club achievement bagdes membership is required.   Annual Enrolment payable to The Pony Club is £28.  Membership forms are available from reception at Valley Farm.  If you would like to find out more about the Pony Club, of which Valley Farm is an Approved Centre you can do so at  There is also more information about Pony Club for older children on our Pony Club page.   



























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