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Equestrian Clinics

Designed to introduce you to various equestrian pursuits and give you an understanding of the basics of each discipline. Valley Farm is able to run equestrian sessions in our floodlit indoor arena, for groups of children and/ or adults wanting to learn more about the many disciplines taught at the centre.

Our clinics are especially interesting to equestrian groups, riding clubs, colleges, equine students, or social groups who wish to learn about a particular equestrian sport or subject and are more in-depth than those courses offered for in our corporate entertainment packages. They are also ideal if there are people in your group who don't actually want to get on a horse.

For those of you who want more hands on experience, you can book lessons on a private, one to one basis or shared private lesson, with just 2 or 3 of you and the instructor.

Sessions can be arranged for groups during the daytime or evenings, although we may need quite a bit of advance warning for weekends, as it can get very busy.

Lessons in any of the following subjects can be booked by individuals, but we offer a special group discount for groups with a minimum number of 15 people.


Demonstration of western Riding and explanation of saddlery.
Talk on how to train the western horse, and the various movements.
Watch our western trained horses and their riders go through their paces.
Ask as many questions as you like.
Have a go at roping Daisy, our well trained static calf.
Try the comfort of a western saddle for yourself.

A wonderful evening out where you will definitely go away with a basic knowledge of western equitation, and an appreciation of the skill involved.


Heavy Horses

Demonstration of harnessing up our cart horses for work in chains and shafts.
Talk on the types of harness and the varied jobs the horses might do.
Ask as many questions as you like.
Listen to the Suffolk Dialect from our horsemen working with their animals.
Watch our wonderful Draught Horses hoe and harrow our indoor school.
Have a go at harnessing up for yourself.

Take a quiet step back in time for an evening and find out what it is really like to work with gentle giants.


Light Horse Carriage Driving

Demonstration of harnessing up a single horse for carriage driving.
Talk on the harness, its fitting and use.
Ask as many questions as you like.
See the horse 'put to' the vehicle.
Learn how to handle the whip and reins for yourself.

Appreciate for a moment the way we were when we relied upon the horse as a means of transport.



Demonstration of Vaulting. 
Talk on training a vaulting horse. 
This is your chance to have a go if you want. 
Our patient tin horses are on hand to allow you to practice the various movements required for competition. 
Ask as many questions as you like. 

For a great hands on experience


Circus and Liberty Horses

Demonstration of various individual circus horse movements.
Talk on training the circus horse.
Ask as many questions as you like.
Join the circus workshop and improve your co-ordination skills.

A fun packed and informative session designed to make you long for the Big Top days.


Humane Horse Handling

Demonstratrion of how to tame, and make friends with an unbroken colt.
Watch and learn about horse instincts.
Understand the basics of join up and 'Horse Whispering'
Try for yourself and see how good it makes you feel to have a horse want to follow you.
Ask as many questions as you like.
Discover kinder ways of getting your own horse to understand what you mean.

This activity does depend on the horse available at the time. We have a number of foals at the centre, some will learn faster than others. If you like, we can use a horse who has done it before, so you will be able to see more of the steps used in training. This is a great experience for horse owners to get to understand their horses better.