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Film Crew

Herd of Camargue Horses

Traditional Farm Buildings

Camargue horse on Valley Farm's Marshes

Horses resting on the marshes

TV/Film Work

Situated half a mile off the A12 with easy access, Valley Farm is a unique farm diversification which is a highly popular location for film and television crews.

Facilities include -

  • On site restaurant for all snacks and beverages
  • Indoor Riding Arena with power points
  • Indoor barns/stables/working areas with power points
  • Outdoor riding/working areas with nearby power points

Over the last twenty five years Valley Farm has had extensive experience of working with the media. So have the animals! We also have an extensive props department, and plenty of people trained and qualified in various activities, from circus to western riding.

Valley Farm has a number of facilities available for TV & Film work from animals to buildings and landscape.

Animals - 

  • Only herd of French Camargue Horses in the UK.
  • Assorted trained horses and ponies; trained for circus, stunts, western, driving, etc. etc.!
  • miniature horses, foals, camel, goats, sheep, donkey, alpacas, dogs, small animals and birds.

Buildings -

  • Timbered farmhouse.
  • Stables (old and new)
  • Traditional Suffolk Barns,
  • Modern farm buildings.
Props -
  • Farm machinery (old/new)
  • Extensive Western wear/equipment etc.
  • Extensive Circus wear/equipment etc.
  • Extensive horse drawn carriages (old and new)/costumes etc.
  • Side Saddle equipment etc.

Landscape - 'Constable Country'

Rivers, dykes, streams, sluice, woodland, marshland, grassland, quaint brick bridges, country lanes, dirt tracks, paddocks, etc.

If you are interested in using Valley Farm as a filming location or would like to hire any of the animals, equipment, props, people etc, please contact Sarah Robertson, to discuss your requirements. In the past Valley Farm has worked with or hired equipment and animals to:

  • Various BBC Productions
  • Anglia TV
  • Channel 4
  • Planet 24
  • Back of Beyond Productions
  • Cactus TV
  • Cambridge Film and TV
  • Cox Project Co.. Ltd. TV Production
  • London Weekend
  • Mike Mansfield Television
  • Mastiff Films
  • Scottish TV
  • Thames Television
  • Hatrick Productions
  • Eye Television
  • The Queen's English Theatre Studio Moscow
  • And probably some others that we can't remember!