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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - August 2010

Still in Pony Camp mode. The weather has broken and recently we have had plenty of rain and gales which has made for some interesting camping. Everyone has been very good about the lack of sunshine and...

 ...the best bit was that it got rid of the wasps! What is it with the summers now that every where seems to have a wasp epidemic? We pitch up at assorted venues with the wedding horses and before long the wasps arrive. Luckily it doesn't seem to bother the horses nearly as much as it bothers me!

The main camp-site has been interesting too. Bank holiday weekend brought more gales and one group of campers decided to take it upon themselves to move into the pony camp chalets uninvited! I wouldn't have minded so much if they had asked, but as it happened I had just taken down our marquees and laid them out to dry in there and they threw all their stuff on top and took over the whole row! Very cheeky I call it. Thankfully most of our visitors are not like that.

The ponies we borrowed in for the summer have been wonderful. I hope they enjoyed their holiday with us. In exchange for their work, we pampered them and gave them best grazing. I know there are quite a few children who are hoping they will be back again next summer.

We had a dog called Amber visit us this month. She arrived minus her owner one day so we put her in the dog court. Using our microchip scanner I was amazed to find she was chipped! A quick 'phone call to our vets and they tracked her as coming from Halifax but recently moved to our area. Another 'phone call and she was reunited with her owner. That was one happy dog. So micro chipping does work!

Teasel The Terrible Terrier is on a high this month because she won a red rosette at the Easton Harriers Puppy Show in the Terrier class. She celebrated by eating one of my new bantam chicks. Very upsetting.

I should also like to mention here our enormous thanks to Baileys horse feeds for entertaining all our pony camp children each week and handing out some wonderful goody bags, the British Racing School for doing much the same and the Easton Harriers Hunt for bringing hounds to visit.

Much appreciated by all the children.

So the holidays are nearly over and everyone will return to school/college/uni and the horses will begin their well earned holidays in the fields for a week or so. Then we move into NVQ mode and all the courses lined up for the winter. Details on our new Facebook page!

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