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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - November 2010

Last year we were lucky with the weather and didn't bring the horses in until December 1st. This year the rains came earlier and in order to save the fields, the...

...flimsy horses found themselves stabled and into winter routine whilst the hairy natives found themselves living in the twenty acre hill field, with rather too much grass. Shortly after the rains the snow arrived which solved the 'rather too much grass' problem because they had to dig for it. I was thankful for this because they were beginning to resemble little barrage balloons which is definitely not good for them and their monthly weigh-ins were going in the wrong direction.

For the stabled equines the winter routine is more structured. Their monthly weigh checks are written up for the staff to monitor any gains or losses and adjust haylage nets accordingly. Then each day every horse has a 'gym' session in the indoor school followed by a relaxingly bonding session with his mates to mutually groom all the itchy spots or have a good roll. The breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner trolleys roll round on schedule and now every horse has it's own built in time clock set for the winter.

Snow and Nimbus were delighted to be asked by Santa to pull his sleigh again in Woodbridge so saving the reindeer for the really important night. Accompanied by bucket collectors for MacMillan Cancer Support they paraded through the town centre and ended up delivering Santa to Wyevale Garden Centre where a crowd awaited them. (Snow and Nimbus are sure the crowd were waiting to see them, not the red robed man in the carriage).

Competition wise the weather was kind, giving us mild weather for both the Dog Agility Day and the Western Evening. Both were well supported.

The small school has undergone a makeover this month with all new lighting. Fantastic. Now there are no excuses for not riding the corners.

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