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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - December 2010

The four carriage horses Snow and Ice, Stratus and Nimbus have been busy this month driving out in pairs most days. Recently I managed to locate the old wheeler harness so... Stratus and Nimbus have been fitted up with this ready to become our wheelers in the team. The plan is to use Snow and Ice as the leaders because Ice is slightly the smaller of the four. However, until the weather improves we are not risking any roadwork with them so training is confined to the schools.

Sherrie and Kim have been instrumental in the team training, preparing the horses for work each day and long reining them when time is limited. They have also brought Kelpie back into harness work after her long years off as a brood mare.

The snow, although very pretty, has been a bit of a nuisance and slowed down work on some building projects. We had some limited flooding when it thawed both on the fields and in the stables and house. The stable and house leaks were caused by burst pipes which made rather a mess.

The Christmas dressage competition went off well with some wonderful costumes (see our facebook page for photos) This was followed the next weekend by the Mock Hunt (also on our facebook page and You tube). No mocks were caught (as usual) but everyone had some very good gallops and the ditch jumping proved interesting for some.

Just before Christmas the carriage horses were out and about helping Santa again. This time they were at Ipswich Hospital visiting the Children's ward. Silver joined them for the 'Pat-a-pony' bit.

We've had three extra little ponies join us this month. Cariad, Ruby and Barbie. They are busy making friends with everyone and settling in to the routines. Dear old Sailor has been allocated the job of showing them the ropes and helping them to settle in.

In addition to new ponies, we've welcomed some new staff. Gary, who is busy helping out on the yards and completing some of the building projects. Cally, who will be taking over the Saturday Pony Club from Sophie who has now left us for a short time on maternity leave. Congratulations to Nikki, our Saturday girl, who has recently given birth to a son. (Sophie's baby is due in January).

Christmas Day was fun for the horses because the fields were frozen solid so the whole lot had a 'turnout' day in the fields. They seemed to think it was a race track!

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