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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - January 2011

Chloe has arrived! Sophie's baby. Sophie brought her to...

...visit us all and she slept right through the 'Pass The Baby' afternoon. Dear little thing. Sophie says she's a very good baby. So that's two, now we are just waiting for the third one from Lucretia in February!

The flooding in early January nearly put paid to the Mock Hunt this time but when the day dawned the waters had mostly receded so we decided to go ahead and hope not too many people would test out the muddy ground! The horses were in their element and gave not a jot for the mud flying up around them as can be seen on You Tube.

The BALE (Best Alternate Land Enterprise) Award luncheon was held mid month at Trinity Park and we were delighted to receive a Merit Certificate because we were up against some very strong competition. It's a wonderful networking opportunity and seeing what other competitors have achieved keeps us striving to improve the business further.

The Dog Agility Competition at the end of the month went off well with fantastic dry, sunny weather making it a lovely day out for all concerned.

The carriage horses have been out most days doing a tour around Wickham Market two at a time. We're waiting for better weather to put the four together because the grooms get so cold at the moment that they can't get off the carriage as fast as they do in the summer to do road crossing duties!

One afternoon saw the Horseball horses dragged out for a quick practice session with the staff. Mistral loved it as usual and thought I was being rather feeble compared to her usual jockey when I lacked the courage in my old age to hang off her side in canter. Kiora and Kim were braver and Charlotte on Papillon was the star of the show, swinging down fearlessly to retrieve the ball when required.

We also welcome Orion this month who has joined our livery yard. He is just a little miffed that no one told him he would be sharing the venue with a camel.

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