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Valley Farm Diary - February 2011

It's no good, try as I might to remain serene, I've hit that meltdown moment again. It seems to happen every spring. The reasons are complex which I understand but can't prevent...

Reason One – All refurbish/rebuild projects have to take place between October and April due to the place being far too busy the rest of the year.

Reason Two – This involves a huge amount of organising builders, paperwork and planning.

Reason Three – The weather is forever unpredictable and unhelpful.

Reason Four – Everyone has to work around the normal day to day schedules of lessons and routine.

Reason Five – The buck always, without fail, eventually stops at me.

So there we have it. Meltdown time again.

Perhaps it's me, but can anyone tell me why builders always arrive and then instantly stop for breakfast, tea, coffee etc. Why can't they do this before they arrive?

Then on beautiful sunny days they suddenly don't appear at all, even though they said they would be in at 8.00am and then they arrive on a totally different day when we are hectically busy in the middle of half term and it's raining. To be fair, there are all sorts. And I seem to find them all. One man, replacing a rotten window for me went to endless trouble to make a new window, fit it, ensure it all worked, cleaned the glass and exceeded my (now low) expectations. So if anyone wants a window done I know just the person. You don't find many craftsmen like that now. Another builder managed to leave us with hot water hiccups. After about three weeks of complaining that the hot water was not working as it should, I called in a plumber. He spent half a day tracking the fault and eventually worked out that the darling builder had managed to box in the hot water supply and bend the pipe ever so slightly resulting in an airlock. Luckily the culprit was off site by now or I might just have strangled him. So if anyone wants some pipes boxed in I know just the man not to do it. And so it goes on. Luckily the builders working on the new Café kitchen seem to be wonderfully efficient, long may it last.

The poor horses endured more of the worming programme this month which resulted in one of them informing me at ten pm that they thought they had a bit of a tummy ache and could I hold their hoof for a bit. After taking a two hour stroll around the manege, they thought they felt a little better so we headed for some grass in a very wet, slushy field. After another half hour I decided to grab some shut eye so retreated. An hour later the alarm went to remind me to check on the invalid. Wellies on and armed with the torch I located the poor soul having a little lie down. Panic struck I went to investigate only to have the invalid indignantly leap up and gallop off wondering why on earth I had to disturb them in the early hours. Typical. Back to bed for another hour and then another check revealed one happy munching pony. Back to bed for a few minutes before hey ho, it's time to start work again.

Three new arrivals this month – Fudge the Llama, Tiny Tim the Shetland and Balou the cob. No appearance from the last staff baby as yet, looks like it will now be a March baby, not February!

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