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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - April 2011

Someone has switched off the rain! We've had none in April at all.

This month has seen some changes of horses. Some of...

...our old faithfuls have now moved on to retirement positions. Hibou has found a wonderful home in Kent and we wish him all the best in his retirement. Trooper has returned to his old home and Brandysnap has arrived to replace him, in fact some may not notice this because they are so alike it's unreal. Princess Fiona has also arrived to spend a gap year with us having just weaned a foal. Poppy went to spend the Easter holidays with my Grandchildren where I think she was treated as a life sized mobile cuddly toy! Teal, a little Welshman arrived and Tiny Tim has taken up his new life at Easton White Horse where I know he'll be loved by all.

Mid April saw us hosting a Side Saddle Association Test Day. Flagship and Lulabelle did us proud and carried Sherrie and Charlotte to glory and their Grade Two. We very much enjoyed having everybody and the day was a great success. The next test day is now scheduled for September 25th.

Palm Sunday saw Muffin off to church again, this time accompanied by her best friend Silver Lady because we were all too busy to go and I was afraid Muffin would panic and think she was never going to see any of her friends again! Silver thought it was great fun and enjoyed the attention.

The stables have had a facelift this month because Louise, an artist from Wickham Market has been very busy painting the most amazing pictures on them. One stable has blackberries and brambles hanging down the walls, another has a mystic wood with unicorns playing between the trees and another has sunflowers. In addition the flowers and berries have butterflies and bees all around them. The ponies seem to enjoy the pictures and our visitors are most impressed.

Kite and Kestrel had a day out at the School's Fair again and Silver went too! Hundreds of children came to pat them and most went away with a tuft of Silver's hair because she was moulting very badly and I spent all day pulling out clumps of hair to hand out!

A sad event this month was attending Rob Rutter's funeral. Some may remember him when he used to help out at western shows here, sometimes judging for us and for a time teaching the Tuesday evening classes. He and Hirondelle did very well together on the western circuit in their heyday.

We finished the month with a wedding on the Royal Wedding day. Snow and Nimbus were on their best behaviour as usual and this time we were able to drive them from here because the wedding was only in Melton so it was an enjoyable drive there and back for us too. We would have liked to do the one in London, but strangely, we weren't invited!

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