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Animal Antics from Down on the Farm.

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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - May 2011

What an eventful month, firstly, we had rain! On May 23rd we had 5 mm which was...

...the first recorded rainfall for us since March 18th. Surprisingly no-one complained about it. Apart from that momentous event, we had the grand opening of our Camargue Café and welcomed Jane and Mike Hall to the team to run it. They are making the most amazing food and word is spreading. All home cooked food and really tasty. Jane is a very welcoming host and many of our long standing clients are delighted to see her back here as they remember her teaching them riding many years ago. Mike has fallen in love with Camelot the Camel who is enjoying the attention and scraps from the Café.

Early in the month I decided that the aviary was becoming a little crowded with last years pea-chicks who were growing rapidly so I let the two chicks out to roam around the grounds. Luckily they seem to have settled down well and get on happily with the other pea-chick who was already free having been raised under a chicken. So that left the three older breeding peafowl with the run of the aviary. They promptly laid another load of eggs and now we have a further six pea-chicks growing. Cute!

The camp site has been busy with the dry weather bringing campers out to sample the delights of nights under canvas. Snow and Nimbus have been out on the wedding carriage again, Emy has taken retirement from the riding school and is now running out with Coquin the stallion so with luck we should have the patter of tiny hooves again next spring. Jimmy and Poppy have also taken retirement and moved to private homes where they will be greatly loved by their new little owners and we hope will teach them all they need to know about riding and caring for ponies. We had the annual licence inspection and the pony club had an Away Rally at Elmhurst Park in Woodbridge demonstrating their vaulting skills. Silver, our miniature horse became an honorary member of St. John Ambulance for an evening in Framlingham teaching care skills to the St. John Badgers. Unfortunately she was moulting quite heavily at the time so when she left the lawn looked as if it was covered in snow and some of the children gained quite a bit of it on them. Nigel had another very successful dog agility show which attracted large entries. Around the yards we have had a blue tit family in the bird box, a bat in the bat box and the new owl box has arrived but as yet no one has had the time to put it up. I was a bit concerned when I read on the information that owls eat mice and bats. Best not to put it anywhere near the bat box then!

On a sadder note we said our final farewells to our darling pygmy goat Blackie. At twenty years of age she had had a good innings as they say and life was becoming uncomfortable for her with a tumour so we decided it was best to allow her a dignified departure before things became any worse.

And finally...we would like to wish Sue Carter our long term cleaner, dog walker and horse carer all the best in her new career. Sue has spent ten years looking after us all and now has opened her own dog care business. Thank you Sue for all your hard work and we all wish you the very best for the future.

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