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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - June 2011

Every winter when we are driving the horses out in the freezing cold I keep telling everyone that it will be lovely in the summer. The problem is that when the summer arrives...

...we are so busy that finding time to drive out with the carriage horses is very limited. And so it is this year. So much else seems to happen as soon as the summer arrives. We had a fantastic day out at Easton Farm Park with our Pony Club on an away rally. They did two ring displays with their ponies demonstrating gymkhana games.

The western horses have been in great demand firstly with a corporate group for the day then on the competition evening. It was good to be able to get out all the western gear and dress up for the competition night and do the odd (and it was odd!) bit of line dancing whilst waiting for the next rider to appear.

Two days were spent at the Suffolk Show with our trade stand and Silver the miniature horse who slept through most of it!

Back on the yard Gertrude the Goose managed to hatch out three peafowl eggs but then didn't know what to do with the resulting fluffy things. Luckily a bantam stepped in and took over although she then decided that three were two many and another bantam took one of them under her wing! Confused chicks or what?

Soon after this we cut the haylage (what there was of it) the yield was about half our normal take due to the early drought.

We also entered the Small Farm Business Awards again (you can see the days slipping by and why we don't have time to drive the horses!) We were placed second which we were delighted with.

Then... we had the arrival of the two Quarter Horses. This is keeping the staff busy bringing them back into working fitness. All the westerners are very excited about them and keen for them to come into general use.

Another day went by on our Ofsted inspection (we were pulled out of the hat last year for inspection too!)

Then there was the Italian night in the Camargue Café. That was brilliant, really good food, we're looking forward to the Camargue night next month.

Open Farm Sunday also fell into this month. We had over a hundred visitors! I think the animals enjoyed meeting everyone.

I also spent quite some time fishing Jackdaws out of the chimney. On different days four of them managed to fall down and then flap up and down behind the Aga. Fetching them out is tricky and involves me sitting on the Aga with a walking stick up the chimney through a tiny flap trying to hook them out. I've now discovered that it's easier at night when they are asleep.

On the horse driving front, we did manage to get out on an excursion for a very sprightly ninety five year old gentleman (if I'm as agile as that at ninety five I shall be very happy) and we spent a very informative evening at John Parker's driving yard with the British Horse Society.

Finally, we had to build a new Camel paddock because now the drought is over it's done nothing but rain and the grass has grown so Camelot is gaining too much weight. He now has a much smaller paddock which restricts his diet a little. (Oh yes, I forgot to mention, he frightened the poor Quarter Horses witless when they arrived by climbing into his water trough and playing 'elephants'. The poor things nearly suffered a fatal heart attack!)

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