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Animal Antics from Down on the Farm.

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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - October 2011

It was Juno's turn for the limelight this month. She was picked to do a short film shoot called The Necessary Strength by Pulse Films. This involved her being a wild horse which she thought was pretty easy. She didn't even...

...have to have a bath! Unfortunately she didn't much care for her accommodation on location and on the second day pushed her way out through a wispy hedge and headed for home with us in hot pursuit. Luckily a passing vet spotted her and grabbed her. Meanwhile, having lost sight of her, I called the police to report her missing. They informed me she had just been caught, which was very efficient of them, but here it went wrong because they couldn't tell me where! So we drove the lorry around and then we spotted her being 'rustled' in a trailer! Thankfully she was soon back on location and finished the shoot without further mishap.

Nimbus has been busy in single harness. He had got a bit complacent in pairs and was letting his partner take the strain so we thought some single work would be good for him. He seemed a bit reluctant at first and didn't want to go up the drive but after a few days he was resigned to his fate and soon started pulling with gusto again.

Kite and Kestrel have been hacking out each day in preparation for their return to pairs driving when we get the time.

The other carriage horses took their turn on the Carriage Driving Clinic, which went well. As did the Natural Horsemanship clinic and Horseball clinic. More of all are planned later in the year.

Unique has rejoined us for the winter having swapped places with Mandego who is undergoing further training with Amanda. Other horse changes have been the arrival of Magic and Max and the departure of Tom to his new home and a brief visit from Nebbie.

The water system has been upgraded again and it has certainly increased the pressure on the yards. Another piece of concrete has been laid outside the livery yard which means that finally there is no more mud! And at last the track to the fields has been surfaced, it's fantastic! Mud free everywhere at last.

We had a coach party one morning, who made good use of the Camargue Café and visited all the animals. Camelot loved the attention as usual.

And finally, we finished the month with a Dog agility competition followed by our annual Junior Cavalry Inspection. Whew, and I thought it was supposed to slow down after the summer.

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