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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary November 2011

More farm judging this month, for the BALE Award (Best Alternative Land Enterprise). It was a little different this time because...

...all the entrants were previous winners of the award, so quiet a hot competition! We won't know the results until January 2012.

Coquin, our Camargue stallion, aged twenty one, had a shock this month. Firstly he was fetched up from the marsh where he has happily lived for the last few years with his assorted mares, and brought back into work. Then one day he endured a bath followed by a long trip in the lorry to Your Horse Live at Stoneleigh, where he was on display in the Breeds Village. He was a total star and seemed to really enjoy the outing. Each day he was saddled up and took part in the parade with the other breeds and then each breed did a few minutes individual display and Coquin was in his element, showing off his old circus tricks dead on cue. Darling boy, it was a real joy to work with him again. After a couple of days he found himself back on the marsh and everything went back to normal.

Towards the end of the month we welcomed yet another staff baby (that's four now, two boys and two girls, horseball team of the future perhaps?)

Santa contacted us again to request Snow and Nimbus on the wedding carriage to transport him round Aldeburgh and Framlingham, which they did very happily.

Heidi the goat had a funny turn one morning when her legs gave up. Using our first aid training we rolled her onto the carry sheet and moved her to a cosy stable. After a week she struggled to her feet again and a couple of days later was back to normal. She's quiet old now so we were all a bit worried for a while.

We also welcomed back Quiero. Her owner is off for an op. So she's back with her friends on the marsh for a bit while we sort out the next step. She seemed happy to greet all her companions and they spent quite a time all wickering to each other. Collecting her was not without it's problems, on the way home a stray stone flew up from the road and broke the lorry windscreen. Never a dull moment!

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