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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - December 2011

More film crews, this time from Russia. It‘s Camelot they like to visit and film of course and he loves the attention. He also speaks Russian better than the rest of us!

Santa called...

... and requested Snow and Nimbus to pull his carriage once again whilst the reindeer get ready for the big night. This year saw us transporting him through Aldeburgh and Framlingham. Aldeburgh was interesting as the horses had never met a stilt walking Christmas Tree and a Plum Pudding on roller skates before. As usual, although fascinated, they didn‘t put a hoof wrong.

A new arrival this month. Quiero, Nevada‘s sister has rejoined us for a short time whilst her owner was in hospital. Collecting her was not without incident, on the way back a stone flew up and chipped the windscreen of the lorry, which quickly turned into crazy paving.

The Christmas Fancy Dress Dressage was well supported and some excellent costumes were on display. Some people must have felt the cold a bit!

Mid month we had an unannounced inspection from the British Horse Society, whom we are registered with, at eight thirty in the morning. Each year at some point they appear and do a through inspection of the animals, premises, staff qualifications and assorted records. This resulted in us receiving a highly commended award from them. All credit to our excellent staff.

Did anyone see our Horse Agility competition in the local newspaper? We had a couple of slack Sunday afternoons with not much happening, so we suggested to our liveries we have a go at Horse Agility. It was great fun. The ponies were perplexed, interested, excited and shocked when we asked them to perform assorted movements whilst being led around the indoor school by their excited owners. They walked over things, opened gates, ogled objects they didn‘t think belonged in the indoor school and rose to the challenge. Everyone had a fantastic time and it is definitely something we will be doing more of in the future.

Finally, Christmas and two days off for the staff and horses to relax and chillout. Busier for my husband and myself who spent two days looking after all the animals and entertaining the family. And do you know, I loved it!

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