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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - March 2012

We had an exciting day receiving our giant cheque from Sport England, presented by Dr. Dan Poulter. Afterwards David turned the cheque into a show jump filler! Then the rush...

...was on to put the money to good use and start on the improvements. First on the list was to surface the indoor riding areas with Turfflot. A considerable improvement on the dusty dirt we have tolerated for many years. Next was to build a toilet area suitable for wheelchair users (we added a baby change area too as we have so many staff babies now!) Other improvements are still ongoing, watch this space.

With the improved weather and mini heatwave, we were able to turn the horses out. They were ecstatic as usual after the winter confinement. But soon afterwards the rain came and the low meadows flooded so they all had to come back in again for a couple of days.

The last Mock Hunt of the season went out led by Amanda and Sherrie and all survived to tell the tale.

Laura arrived on work experience for the month and lived in with us. The help she gave was much appreciated by everyone.

I was able to welcome another grand daughter at the beginning ,of this month, born to my son Will and his wife Phoebe a cousin for my other two grand daughters.

Amanda , David and I took a day off to visit the British Vaulting Team based in Northampton and Amanda gained her Coaching certificate level two. It was a marvellous day out and the team there were very welcoming and helpful with comments. Vaulting has certainly come a long way from our efforts in 1988 in Austria.

We also welcomed the arrival of a new horse called Pepper. His mum and Dad have leant him to us for a long holiday. He's a stunning highland and very beautiful.

Other activities this month were a Clear Round jumping competition, Luke Deal from BBC Radio Suffolk riding to Wickham Market and back on Lulabelle as part of his a mile a day, a horse agility competition, positioning the owl box on the marshes and another bird box in the garden, a mad session of re fencing the fields replacing damaged and broken posts, and rolling fields.

Finally, we have now completed our first year of solar power.


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