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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - April 2012

More crazy weather this month. The poor horses, at least we can take our coats on and off all the time, they can't. The cross country day we had planned was finally run in the out door school as the meadows were all under water...

...again and I didn't fancy the idea of trying to wade through the two foot of water to catch any loose horses! Having turned the horses out early this year which they loved, this month found them mostly back in again eating up the reserve hay supplies. I think they assumed it had been a very short summer and they were now back to winter routines again.

Mid month we welcomed the Side Saddle Association again for their exam day. Luckily the rain held off and candidates were able to do the show jumping phase without getting wet. Congratulations to all our members of staff who achieved various grades.

The facilities are still improving, this month the baby change was added in the disabled toilet and grab handles in the showers. I have already made good use of the baby change facility with the latest grand daughter but haven't tested the grab handles in the showers yet. Our thanks to Sport England for all these improvements. More still to come.

We had some good byes this month. Teal our welsh mountain pony found a wonderful new home with some children who will totally love him and Hot Pot joined the family of Tiny Tim. We look forward to seeing Hot Pot back here at various events along with Tiny Tim in the future. The saddest departure of all was Coquin our wonderful Camargue stallion. He was booked to appear at the School Fair in Trinity Park, but just a few days before it he was taken ill. Things were not looking good and despite our wonderful vets, he went into rapid decline and the sad decision was made to end his suffering. He was twenty two. We miss him greatly. He leaves Emy, our Camargue mare, in foal. We are waiting to see if she has a colt. He was replaced at the School Fair by his son Hirondelle.

We had a slight panic and battened down the hatches when Poplar Park announced they had a strangles case. This kept everyone at home for a bit as the liveries were grounded. Luckily it all soon died a death and everyone heaved a sigh of relief and we all got back to normal.

Snow and Nimbus did a trip out with the horse bus to Easton White Horse for a surprise birthday excursion, our Pony Club rally went ahead and a coach party of visitors came to see the animals.

The peahens have laid some eggs and two of these have been put under broody bantams. Finally, Elmo the Elm Tree has survived the winter and is growing well. The Pony Club have recorded the details and registered them with the Great British Elm Experiment.

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