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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - May 2012

So last month saw the cross country jumps in the outdoor arena due to wet weather. This month after early floods again things looked more hopeful so we decided to...

...move the jumps out onto the 'golf course' field. (No, we don't play golf on it, it adjoins next doors golf course). The day we picked started off sunny. As we moved fences it got hotter. And hotter. After a couple of hours of dragging weighty fences around in desert conditions we retreated to the cool of the buildings. Why is this weather so mad?

The two bantams hatched out the two pea chicks. They are so ugly with their great long necks and stubby little feathers, it's wonderful how they turn into such majestic birds. We had quite a bit of excitement with the peafowl this month. Of the three we raised before, two of them turned out to be peacocks and the white one a peahen. Needless to say the two peacocks had a fight with the consequence that they all flew away. I collected the two peacocks back from our neighbours but the peahen was nowhere to be found. After two days of searching the countryside and 'phoning everyone, she was spotted in Wickham Market High Street. Over the next two days I got to know most people living in the High Street and I got to know their gardens better. Motorists were confronted by some strange old dear in hi-vis jogging up and down the street chanting 'Chuck, chuck, chuck' Finally we caught her (not the old dear, the peahen) under a sheet in a back garden where she had paled up with some chickens.

The son and heir was press ganged into service this month to help my poor hen pecked husband to dig up the lawn and lay a load of new telephone cables. This is because I have been complaining for some time that the 'phone system is not working properly and that new cables may help it. (Well, I wasn't the one who had to dig the trench so it's easy to say 'Lay new cables'. The cables are now all in place but as yet are not joined up due to my son's other work commitments. (I really don't know, Mother's needs don't come first)

On a rare few hours off, I decided it was time to explore the river again in 'Gooseberry' our dingy. This year I decided we would explore up stream. Having exhausted ourselves dragging the boat across our neighbours golf course (should have got a smaller boat) we launched it above the weir. As we progressed up stream we were forced to spend some time with the loppers cutting our way through the vegetation. Eventually, we came up against a large tree right across the river. Not having a chainsaw on board meant we had to call the trip off. Hopefully when the River Board clear the river we might explore further.

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