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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - June 2012

So why do the British always talk about the weather? Well, it's difficult... ignore it at times. We seem to have had nothing but rain for ages now in spite of the hosepipe ban. The good side is that all the hedges and trees we planted have finally started to grow well without us having to water them every evening. In addition the horses are enjoying excellent grass. So much so that their hooves are all growing like mad. We always expect some quick hoof growth when the spring grass comes up, but normally it stops after a month and the farrier visits go back to normal. This year caught us on the hop. Firstly everyone blamed everyone else and thought the horses must somehow have missed the usual farrier appointments until we realised that the good grass was causing the hooves to grow so fast that the shoes were falling off after about three or four weeks! This pretty well doubled farrier visits. Then of course the floods came and our haylage field went under water. Surprisingly, in spite of the endless rain, many events this month managed to pick odd good days. Our Open Farm Sunday on June 17th saw dry weather for our visitors to walk round the farm and meet all the animals. Some people who hadn't been for a few years were surprised how much the place has changed since their last visit with the camp-site and outdoor arena. The bank holiday and Jubilee weekend saw our camp-site fully booked which was wonderful.

The notorious Suffolk show weather affected us too. Luckily, this year we had decided not to take Silver our miniature horse because we were very busy at this end and had limited time to spend at the show. As it turned out, we only had the first day there anyway, which was a bit wet so not many people visited our stand and the second day didn't happen, so no sales of pony camps there for us this year. Luckily our party tent didn't move at all in the gales. Probably something to do with the three foot stakes David always hammers into each corner to cross tie it to. Every year I wonder why he goes to such lengths. This year I was glad he had! I doubt it would have moved in a hurricane!

We also caught a dry day for the Small Farm Business Award judging which was just as well because the farm truck had gone in for a service and been held up so the only transport left to accommodate six people was Snow and Nimbus on the exercise carriage. They have also been busy on Saturdays pulling the wedding carriage and again managed to catch dry days as did Silver and our Pony Club children on their visit to Charsfield fête.

Aside from the weather, other events have been noted. Gertrude the goose hatched out a pea chick but the most exciting birth this month was our Camargue mare Emy's. She gave birth to a beautiful black colt foal on June 20th. This was a momentous event after the death of our beloved stallion Coquin in April. What a wonderful gift to leave us with, a fine son, now named Coquin Deux.

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