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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - July 2012

William Morfoot's team returned to work on the two outdoor arenas (part of the Inspired Facilities funding) These guys are remarkable. They...

...go to so much trouble to make sure everything is just so and make sure they don't upset any lessons or passing horses. They always secured the area to ensure no loose horse could end up under a digger or down a hole and managed to work their lunch breaks so that when our visiting school students were riding in the adjoining arena they didn't interrupt them. Truly a fantastic team to work with.

Another brilliant team we worked with this month were Classic Stoves who came to install a liner in our chimney and new wood burner. (Our chimney sweep had informed us that if we used the old fire any longer without a liner he would not be responsible for the consequences!) The two guys who came to install it all went to a great deal of trouble to not inconvenience us.

I wish the same could have been said for the team who installed our new sewage treatment plant (part of the disabled toilet installations) They were a total nightmare! It started off normally. The boss came to check it out and give a quote. When the work began a different person came to tell the workmen what to do. The result? The pipework was installed ready to sink the tank in totally the wrong place. Luckily Williams Morfoot's team were on hand to point it out (otherwise it would have ended up in the new riding arena) things then went from bad to worse. The digger they brought was not the right size so first they borrowed ours and then when they did use theirs it wasn't up to the job and yet again William Morfort's lot had to bail them out with their bigger digger. The moving of the tank into the correct position brought much “you do realise that it will cost you another £150.00 for every extra drain we fit and it will probably require three more now?” from the workmen, which I found both annoying and pressurising. Finally, having finished the job they were about to go when we pointed out that the sewage pipes didn't actually connect to the drain which we thought they ought to. In the end I was just glad to get them off the yard. I wasn't happy either, when they added on yet another 'extra' of the formans day of eight hours to supervise the workman who clearly weren't up to the job! All in all, a very frustrating event and one I hope never to repeat.

The Olympic torch passed through Wickham Market on July 5th so of course everyone had to leg it up there to watch. My grand children were thrilled.

Other events this month were the arrival of three new ponies for the summer season. Lune, Trigger and Harry. The fact that we managed to grab some hay in the few days of good weather, the start of the Pony camps and Silver's visit to Ufford Rally.

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