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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - August 2012

The end of August and the pony camps have now finished. The last day of camp is always emotional, the buzz of the summer season...

...and all the people that come with it is always a high. Now it's all over again for another year and the place goes quiet. We'll miss all the wonderful summer staff who assisted us this year. Julie our French student has already returned to France and tomorrow Anja will be returning to Germany. They both put so much into the summer season and the house will be very dull now without them.

We had a great day early in August hosting a One Day Event for Brandeston Hall school. Well done to all those who took part (photos on our facebook page).

The holiday Lodge and the weekend camp-site have all been very busy this month with quite a few people taking advantage of the equestrian facilities whilst here.

Snow and Nimbus have been out and about with the horse bus doing excursions all round Wickham Market, and also out on the wedding landau for a couple of weddings.

In between times we have been hay carting and stacking. Unfortunately this year the weather caused a few headaches in this direction. In June it was just too wet to take the tractors onto the hay fields and this situation continued throughout July. This month has seen a couple of very small windows when we could have got onto the field, but by then the contractor concerned was busy elsewhere harvesting. So in desperation we bought in several loads of hay to see us through the winter in case we never see the contractor again! I'm not sure what we are going to do with the thirty acres of hay still standing in the field.

One very exciting event was the arrival of our Brown signs from the A12. This has been in the pipeline for quite some while but slow to materialise. They finally went up the last week of August to direct the last of our visiting tourists. One sign though is still missing (not sure how!) from the A12 for tourists coming in from Lowestoft. I'm ever optimistic they may all be in place by next summer!

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