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Animal Antics from Down on the Farm.

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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - December 2012

December 1st found us in the early hours in Ipswich with Juno to do a Sikh wedding. Surprisingly...
...the sun shone and it was warmer than expected although I did have a few jumpers under my sari. Juno, as usual, was a total star. I think she quite enjoys the music and watching all the dancing. I know I do. Everyone is always very friendly and they all know Juno quite well now.


This month we had our BHS 'Where to train' inspection. Carol Broad was our inspector and was very complimentary about us which was kind.


We finally had to bring the horses in for the winter. Usually they are in by mid November but this year the grass had kept growing so they have had longer out. Just as well since we were unable to get our haylage in this year due to wet weather.


We have also managed to put in yet another hedge which in a few years should give more field shelter to the hairball ponies who do winter out.


The Christmas holidays brought the usual flurry of activity days, parties, competitions and fun. Christmas Day and Boxing Day found the yards deserted as we closed for a break and the staff all had Christmas off. David and I had a very peaceful couple of days just looking after all the animals.


We're now looking forward to 2013.

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