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Animal Antics from Down on the Farm.

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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - January 2013

Mixed month. On the good weather days we managed to fit in a few days of fun carriage driving with my wonderful pony Étoile around the village. On the bad days...
...we carted water for the horses when the water drinkers froze. The bad weather and snow also caused us to cancel the Mock Hunt which was very disappointing.


A number of our Pony Club children did their Road Rider Badge and we ran the usual Activity days in the holidays. Many of the horses received their second clip, allowing the students to perfect their skills.


On the farm side of things a new barn was constructed which is very good news for all the poor machinery standing outside in the wet weather. During the course of this the concrete lorry managed to skid on the ice and move one of our gateposts and in addition, on the same day, which had nothing to do with us at all, another lorry tried to get down our lane and grounded itself on our grass triangle where it sank, blocking the road. As the driver spoke little English and appeared lost, the Police arrived and dealt with it's removal.


The snow brought a bit of fun when we were able to dig out the skis to get in some practice. Otherwise, it made hard work of life and much carting of hay to the field kept ponies. One of the stabled horses, Spartacus, decided one night when it wasn't freezing, to install a shower in his stable and pulled his automatic drinker off the wall. In the morning we found he had an impressive foot bath at the front of his box. He didn't seem to know how it had happened!

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