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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - March 2013

Brrr.... when is this winter going to go away? Our hay ration ran out this month so we had to source extra supplies. This is because we are having to feed quite...
...a bit to all the horses who normally live out. The snow and ice mean they need extra feeding. Added to which, every time the snow melts we go under water and have to bring the outdoor horses in. Nightmare!

There was a small window of spring weather when we got our spirits up and turned the horses out for four days. We even managed to harrow some fields. Then winter returned and all the animals had to be brought back in again. Very muddling for them and hard work for us.

Still, if we over do it, our village co-op now has a public defibrillator unit outside it. What a wonderful thing for the community. Go co-op!

For some fun this month we decided to attend a BHS instructors competition at Newton Hall Equitation Centre. It was a bit cold on the day but we were all up early to prepare our horses and off we went. A mile down the road it began to snow. By the time we arrived I was wondering if we would ever get home again. We unloaded in a blizzard and Rossie very kindly found us some spare stables to shelter in. In spite of the weather we had a great day. Horses and staff competing were Amanda on Stratus, myself on Mistral, Nikki on Daisy and Sherrie on Spartacus. Backed up by Charlotte and David.

A new arrival this month was Dillwys, Acorns little sister. She will be a lovely companion for Coquin Deux for the summer. They have already done a Horse Agility competition together.

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