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Show Jump with Valley Farm Plank

Camel in the field with horses in the background

two shire horses trotting in the field



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Animal Antics from Down on the Farm.

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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - April 2013

We began the month with a Vaulting training day and a show jumping clinic, both well supported. In spite of the...

...night frosts and the cold weather, some brave campers holidays on our camp-site. Several new horses arrived this month, Aintree, Seamus and a dear little donkey. We put the donkey out with Muffin because we thought they would like to 'talk' to each other. After the initial braying from them both they settled down together and in the morning were found in the field sleeping back to back!


My family from South Africa arrived to spend a few days with us so a rather woolly and muddy Snow and Nimbus were harnessed up to the picnic wagon to take them on a tour of Wickham Market.


Nigel hosted another dog agility show and on the same day we transported a few of our liveries off to Easton Farm Park to a horse show. The day was sunny for once and everyone enjoyed themselves.


We were lucky to have some Otley students join us for three days work experience. They certainly made light work of setting up the cross country jumps and poo picking fields.

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