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Animal Antics from Down on the Farm.

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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Valley Farm Diary - August 2013

Well, another season over. What an amazing summer it's been...

...for our Pony Camps. How sad now it's all over again. It was lovely to welcome Anja back again during the camps to help out. Other than pony camp not much else happened or if it did we were too busy to notice. With a house full of students there was never a dull moment and in the middle of this my brother and his wife arrived from South Africa to stay for a bit. At the weekends we managed to fit in a couple of carriage excursions and on the Bank Holiday Monday we did a Sikh wedding with Juno in Ipswich. The wedding was early enough for us to be back home again by 8.00am ready to welcome the pony camp arrivals. Also in the middle of camps we had our unannounced British Horse Society inspection. It certainly couldn't have happened at a busier time, there were children and ponies everywhere! We were very pleased with the result though, a Highly Commended in all areas.


Oh yes, then there was the little matter of the swimming sheep. One of our neighbours sheep fell into the river and eventually David managed to drag it out. We then drove it, soaking wet and smelly, back to the yards in the car and put it in with our goats. Our neighbours were very grateful and replaced it with a runty sheep which they had hung onto as a pet. I was amused by some people on our camp-site at the time who commented that the sheep had finally settled down because the first night it had kept them awake bleating but the next night it was quiet. I didn't like to say it was a different sheep!


So that's it. Now all the camps are finished and the students are all leaving us again, the children have departed and the borrowed ponies are being collected by their owners. Time to start planning for next summer!

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