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Show Jump with Valley Farm Plank

Camel in the field with horses in the background

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Animal Antics from Down on the Farm.

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Below you can read about all the things that we and the animals have got up to in the past.


Winter/Spring 2014

So we did finally bring the horses in during January and February but the mild weather enabled us to turn them out again in March.  They must have thought that...
... was one of the shortest winters ever. It certainly made a short winter for us. Vicky rejoined us again having had the winter off so everyone is happy now she is making those wonderful home made cakes again in the Café. Nigel has held a couple of excellent dog shows and the cycle clubs continue to drop in for tea and cakes at the Café. Otherwise the spring has been fairly quiet. Anke our friend from Germany came to stay for a few days short break and whilst she was here David and I shot off to South Africa to stay with my brother whose middle daughter was getting married. The Labradors were delighted with Anke's company and we had a wonderful time meeting up with all my family. We took with us two of Nigel's Valley Farm Dog Agility sweat shirts as presents for my brother and his wife. They had requested them having seen me wearing one on Skype. They especially like the 'wild dog' footprints on them. Soon after our return to the UK my brother Skyped again to show me he had been to the printers and had 'Team Wild Dog' added to the jumpers! The Take Back The Reins courses continue to be popular as does the holiday Lodge and the camp-site. Sadly we said goodbye to Sherrie in February, she took off for pastures new in Australia. She had been with us a good few years and braved some freezing winter weather in her time so I can see why she thought she would try Australia for a bit! Maybe we might see a bit of that heat and sunshine this summer again for our Pony Camps.

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