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Training and Apprenticeships

Why study equitation?

Altogether the equine industry employs about 150,000 people, working hands on with horses and in the ancillary industries which serve it.  The range of jobs available to students completing equestrian courses is both varied and challenging.  Valley Farm provides students with useful practical experience, which is highly valued by most employers nowadays, in a world of increasing competition for employment.


Valley Farm offers apprenticeships to those looking to trian as future equestrian coaches. Apprentices are signed up with Haden Training to achieve NVQ levels in Horsecare and Riding.  All training is delivered in house.  At present there is a great shortage of qualified equestrian coaches so the future of the industry depends on keen apprentices who will go on to qualify as coaches.  If you think you have what it takes to coach, then join our team as an apprentice and earn as you learn.

Why do students choose to train at Valley Farm?

Over 40 horses and ponies to cater for all standards of rider

Friendly Staff and atmosphere

Excellent modern facilities

Training opportunities in a wide range of equine disciplines

The centre is large enough to provide a quality service, but small enough to provide individual attention

Café on site

Beautiful surroundings

Highly commended by the British Horse Society

Alternative Equestrian Disciplines

Valley Farm also offers the opportunity for students to learn about Side Saddle, Polocrosse, Horseball, Vaulting, Liberty, Natural Horsemanship, Horse Agility, Stud work and Training and Handling of Young horses which may be useful for a future career.  There are a range of other pet animals on the farm, including goats, camel, mule, miniature pony, dogs, chickens and aviary birds, which combine to make Valley Farm a fun and interesting place to learn.

In addition to being a BHS Highly Commended 'Where to Train' centre, Valley Farm is also a registered Pony Club Centre. This means that if you are under 25 we can help you to pass your pony club tests as well as your BHS exams.  In addidition to BHS and Pony Club we offer training for other industry related qualifications and certificates.

Work Placements

Valley Farm Equestrian has limited placements available for school or college students.   We welcome equestrian and veterinary students from colleges for work placements. We have limited accommodation places available for students from further afield.

We welcome foreign equine students for summer work placements, provided they are able to speak English.

To apply:  Please email sarah@valleyfarmonline with JOB APPLICATION as the subject. Don't forget to attach your CV.


Road Safe This is a short course followed by the exam held at Valley Farm.  It is essential for all students wishing to take their BHS Stage II, and also a good idea for any persons who ride on the roads.  The course is offered at various times throughout the year. (For those age 11 and over. You do not have to be a full time student with us. Anybody can join in with the training and take their R & RS test at Valley Farm)

Pony Club Tests These are internationally recognised progressive tests similar the the BHS qualifications. (The Pony Club badges and tests are for any Pony Club Members under the age of 25.  We encourage all our students to become Pony Club members, in order that they can achieve these qualifications as well as their NVQ's)

Jobs at Valley Farm If you already have qualifications, or once you have completed your training with us, you might like to consider a long term career with us. There are many opportunities for full and part time work, and also the opportunity to continue to train for qualifications in different areas of horsemanship, such as side saddle or carriage driving. For more information see our JOBS page.