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Young Equestrians

Young Equestrians is a national riding club for teenagers set up by The British Equestrian Federation's Legacy programme and is delivered in partnership with The Pony Club (PCUK) in order to provide social, informal clubs for young people offering riding and training opportunities.

Our Valley Farm Young Equestrian's Club could be for you if:

you are between 13 and 18 years of age,

you're looking for opportunities to make new friends who share your interest in horses,

you want to join in with fun equestrian activities and events,

you would like to learn more about horses

At Valley Farm we encourage the young equestrians to work together and to take responsibility of their development by choosing appropriate topics to cover during sessions and to decide what activities they would like to do, and we then provide the opportunities. For example they can chose to work towards pony club badges during their stable management sessions, or they could design a dressage test, or horse agility test or musical ride and then practice for it during their riding sessions.  They could organise competitions and events, such as gymkhana, or TREC to be part of their riding session.

The Young Equestrian Club is designed to support the ideas created by the membership, so you make it your club, and you do what you want to do! 

At present the Young Equestrians Club runs alongside our Pony Club on Saturday afternoons from 1.00pm - 4.00pm, and is open to Pony Club members, Valley Farm livery owners and baiters, and anybody between the age of 13 and 18 who is movitated to come up with good ideas, and would like to take more a more grown up step towards taking responsibility for their own learning. Ideal for teenagers who may be bored with riding their own horse alone at home, or teenagers who want to do more than just lessons.

It costs £47.00 (inc VAT) for the 3 hour session. (Reduced rate for Valley Farm livery owners and baiters and for those bringing their own horse for the riding sessions.) This includes one hour stable management, working towards pony club tests and badges.  One hour Young Equestrians Club time, where the group decide what they want to do for their riding session, and then set up the equipment and get their horses ready, and one hour riding activity which will vary from week to week depending on what the group want to do.

We encourage our young equestrians to get as involved as possible, so they have their own facebook group. If you decide to join our YE club, you can also join this facebook group, to chat with other Valley Farm YE's, and share you photos, videos and ideas. 



Also available to those aged between 13 and 25 is the Young Equestrian Leaders Award (YELA). This is an award scheme for the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) designed to recognise the time and effort young volunteers give to equestrianism and shape their experience, so they become equestrian leaders of the future.  YELA runs oevr 3 progressive levels, Bronze Silver and Gold.  

More information about YELA, how to get your starter pack, and costings can be found on their website   

If you would like more information about Young Equestrians or how to complete your YELA at Valley Farm please contact Sarah. 








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